D&D Artwork – 6th Crew (before entering the Plane of Shadow)


This is the 6th group of adventurers I have drawn for my campaign, as the roster continually changes.  The image is of the endgame, before their attempt to seal an unstable portal to the Plane of Shadow in the center of Makutani, a major Eastern city.  The roster is (from left to right):

  • Sophia Chant, CG female aasimar bard 8/osteomancer 10/fighter 1
  • Dialah Chant, NG female aasimar cleric 6/radiant servant of Pelor 10/fighter 1 (COHORT)
  • Krauss the Wyvern, N male Zargoradi human fighter 12
  • Etain Justicar, LG female high elf cleric 14 of Ehlonna
  • Aild Sky, CN male Zargoradi human wizard 5/rogue 4/arcane trickster 10
  • Ailura Halfpaw, CN female longstrider shifter warmage 8/fighter 1/eldricth knight 4 (COHORT)
  • Jellybean Skypeak, CG female half -fey human battle dancer 9/barbarian 1

The large black hemisphere on the right of the photo is the rapidly expanding influence of the Plane of Shadow.  It is turning the sky and the clouds around it a light-absorbing black.

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