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DanDWiki Artwork Gallery

These are the pieces of illustration for specific monster entries on a fan-made Dungeons & Dragons wiki website named  The information is spurious, but the art supplied is pretty good.  More will be added…until I completely fill it up.


Pitch Black and the 7 Dwarves – WHOA! Magazine Art

I was asked to produce these characters for a short story to be published in WHOA Magazine.  These are a ghetto version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  The Warner Bros. production “Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs” did not come to mind when I created them, but one can see the the similarities.  The differences lie in the color of the dwarves: Coal Black’s dwarves were all-Black, and these dwarves are of all colors you can find in the ghetto.  One might even look to–and I can’ believe I’m writing this–the Kids WB cartoon “Waynehead”.

The story did not get published and the designs did not go past the sketching stage, but I felt like I should share these using my portfolio. Enjoy!

Editorial Artwork for the FAMUan Newspaper

These are a few of the pieces of editorial artwork I did for the FAMUan Newspaper during my time working there, 1997 ~ 1999.  It’s mostly line work with heavy edges to compensate for their layout usage by Quark XPress.

A.W.O.L. – Adolescent Warriors of Life

In response to the debut of Jim Lee’s comic book GEN-13 back in the 1990s, I decided to tinker around with a super-heroic group of teenagers.  They are:

  • Akira Hattori, Japanese-American guy with kinetic energy powers
  • Rachel Guerrier, French exchange student with control over all four Classical elements (air, earth, fire, water)
  • Terry Johnson, African-American thug with metallic skin and super-strength
  • Cheyenne, Australian Aboriginal punk rock chick with animal affinity and preternatural aim
  • Paw, Cheyenne’s mountain lion companion

These four teenagers (and one animal companion) are all that stand against manifestations of evil escaping from Stonehenge. They are…AWOL! ADOLESCENT WARRIORS OF LIFE!

Please note that this comic book is created in an experimental mixed media format, involving a lot of cut-outs and glue.