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Contained are some of the earliest sketches from the Cordoba Chronicles. These were made all throughout high school and some in my freshman year in college.



Commission for a player in one of my D&D games, who runs a campaign of his own.CyberArali

Logo Design – ITARTUSA

A pair of clients wanted a logo representing their plan to start an Italian art import business, and asked me to do some design work. I asked a lot of questions and created a few sketches. What they chose included a personal touch: the Winged Victory of Brescia. Learning about Brescia’s Winged Victory was a pleasure, and I wanted to step away from the whole form and work with an iconic logo that still captures the light and shadow of the piece.

Here are the images of the logo for ITARTUSA.

Here are the finished logos.


Black-and-White profile version of the ITARTUSA logo, using the Winged Victory of Brescia and Times New Roman font. This version is less detailed than the long logo–intended for use as an icon or stamp.


This is the long version of the ITARTUSA logo. The client wanted to ass the framework lines to build the letters in Times New Roman. They are not exact lines.


Process Blue C version of ITARTUSA iconic logo


Process Blue C version of ITARTUSA long logo

CCEDU – Company Brochure

This is the company’s descriptive brochure.


CCEDU – The South Carolina and Georgia Risk Management Training Institute for Agricultural Producers (English version)

Funded by the Corporation for Community and Economic Development United, Inc., the Risk Management Agency (RMA), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this brochure was one of my firsts coming back after time away from designing.


CCEDU – Fair Housing for the Disabled (English version)

A public service message from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in partnership with the CCEDU (Corporation for Community and Economic Development United, Inc.), these documents were created to inform the public about how to handle housing discrimination.This document comes in three other languages: Spanish, Kreyol (Haitian Creole), and Vietnamese.

This post includes the 8 1/2 x 11″ tri-fold brochure and the 18 x 24″ poster.