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Contained are some of the earliest sketches from the Cordoba Chronicles. These were made all throughout high school and some in my freshman year in college.



Commission for a player in one of my D&D games, who runs a campaign of his own.CyberArali

D&D Artwork – 8th Team

8th Team

8th Team

This is the 8th party participating in my campaign. They are as follows:


  • Brom Maelstrom (male human cleric of Hoar/hexblade)
  • Sathriel Crystalwing (female half-crstyal dragon Westerner human psychic warrior/wilder/hand of Threphocris)
  • Jacinda “Jace” Sky (female longstrider shifter artificer/ranger/weretouched master)
  • Sir Kyroh Silversoul (male human paladin of St. Cuthbert)


  • Prof. Agamemnon Cadmus (male Chengdu halfling sorcerer)
  • Fraxure (male dragon-type Pokemon companion)
  • Sky Lionheart (male human cleric of Arceus/servant of Arceus)

New Katanoria Artwork

This is some light sketches I produced since my last post. I hope to be able to produce art for this site more often.

Pitch Black and the 7 Dwarves – WHOA! Magazine Art

I was asked to produce these characters for a short story to be published in WHOA Magazine.  These are a ghetto version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  The Warner Bros. production “Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs” did not come to mind when I created them, but one can see the the similarities.  The differences lie in the color of the dwarves: Coal Black’s dwarves were all-Black, and these dwarves are of all colors you can find in the ghetto.  One might even look to–and I can’ believe I’m writing this–the Kids WB cartoon “Waynehead”.

The story did not get published and the designs did not go past the sketching stage, but I felt like I should share these using my portfolio. Enjoy!